A “white labelled” or “private labelled” payment gateway is an implementation wherein Omniware offers you a ready platform that enables you to begin operations as a payment aggregator / payment systems provider almost immediately, avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel in terms of technology. Every aspect of the front end such as the merchant dashboard URL, the payment page, the logos, and other UI/UX elements are “white labelled” and branded as per your needs
We provide a customer/client specific logo, dashboard and payment page URLs, and customizable merchant/partner/user dashboard functionality (based on roles and permissions).
It is very likely that the integrations you are looking for would already be part of the platform, and all you will need to do would be to sign up with the respective payment processors/aggregators/acquirers, etc. In case our platform does not have the necessary integration with the payments provider you wish to sign up with, we will perform the integration for you.
The commercial model varies widely based on the precise use case, the geography, and the complexity of fresh integrations/customizations (if and as needed). However, indicatively, the charges are comprised of a one-time setup fee, an AMC (annual maintenance charge), and a per-transaction cost which is typically either charged in “basis points” or a flat INR amount per transaction. In certain cases, integrations and other technical customizations might also be charged, on a “man-day” basis.
No, in the SaaS model, we take complete ownership and responsibility of the hardware and infrastructure, and we do not charge you separately for the hardware, as the cost is built-in with the SaaS fee (per-transaction charges).
While we recommend the SaaS model for ease of use and quick go-to-market, we can work out a dedicated hardware hosting for your needs, provided it needs to be hosted on one of our supported/approved cloud platforms. Currently, we support Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. We would not be able to host it on a data center or any other unsupported hardware environment.
Depending on the geography which you are operating in, several compliances might be needed, and PCI-DSS is of course, mandatory. We would facilitate all these compliances for you. We would perform your PCI-DSS consulting / implementation in conjunction with our empanelled PCI QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) companies. Commercials might apply in the form of consulting costs, towards procuring the PCI AOC (Attestation of Compliance), ROC (Record of Compliance) and COC (Certificate of Compliance) for your organization, in your company’s name. In certain geographies such as India, additional compliances such as RBI SAR-DL (System Audit Report – Data Localization) report are also essential, which we shall procure for you at similar terms.
We would like to stress that we are not a PCI assessor company. We have empanelled companies who are authorized QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) companies. We do not take up independent PCI certification activities. We get your organization PCI-DSS certified if you procure our white label payment gateway or any other solution from us that might merit PCI certification.
We are payment gateway, as defined in the RBI circular (DPSS.CO.PD.No.1810/02.14.008/2019-20) dated March 17, 2020. We are an entity that provides technology infrastructure to route and facilitate processing of an online payment transaction without any involvement in handling of funds. We can help you collect payment from your customers through our SaaS technology, and in partnership with our payment aggregator partners.
We are a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified company, and we take data security very seriously. We renew our compliance annually via third-party QSA (Qualified Security Assessor), and follow a strict regimen of continuous compliance. We conduct external vulnerability assessment and penetration testing every quarter. For more information on our security measures and Cybersecurity, please get in touch or schedule a call.
You deposit / pre-fund (via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS or Payment Gateway) a specific “Payout account” which we create for you. You could then disburse/pay this fund to various beneficiaries such as employees (salaries), vendors (invoice payments), gaming winnings, etc. You could make these payments either from our dashboard, via excel sheet uploads, or via our suite of APIs.
This can be done provided you bank with one of our banking partners in conjunction with whom we offer this service. Please contact us to find out if your bank is among the supported ones.
For large enterprises with multiple providers/acquirers, we offer one Integration to all your payment providers/acquirers, a single point of Contact for Support, one UI to track and manage Payments, Settlements, Refunds and Chargebacks.
Our Optimizer Engine auto chooses an ideal acquirer for each transaction, based on Least Cost, Availability and Success Rate. The Merchant can over-ride our Optimizer Engine, and can route transactions based on routing rules. This can be done with a simple configuration change, in seconds. Merchants can choose Priority based Routing, BIN based Routing, Acquirer Balancing.